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Ch. Overland Ultralight
CHIC #94523
Photo of Ch. Overland Ultralight

A sable-merle son of the champion-producers, Ch. Overland Neon Lights (sire) and Ch. Overland Bewitched (dam), Chase captured our eye from the moment we first saw his puppy pictures. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to own this beautiful dog, thanks to the generousity of his breeders, Marcy & Mike Fine of Overland Collies (Ohio).

Owner-handled exclusively in the Puppy and American-Bred classes, Chase finished his championship not long after his second birthday with four specialty majors earned in top west-coast competition.

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Chase is a beautiful and elegant young male. He is a tri-factored sable-merle with the harlequin modifier, resulting in his striking coat color and markings. Photo of Ch Overland Ultralight

Ch. Overland Ultralight

Ch. Bravo's Breaking Hearts
CHIC #86119
Photo of Ch. Bravo's Breaking Hearts

Breaker is sired by Multiple BISS GCh. Aurealis Endeavour out of Bravo's TNT Tiffany (3 majors). He is co-owned with his breeder, Michelle Altier and with our good friend, Jessica Wittman.

In limited showing, Breaker finished his championship eight weeks prior to his second birthday with three specialty majors earned in top California competition.

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Breaker is proven and the puppies from his first litters are showing excellent promise - earning specialty majors, a specialty Best in Match, and all-breed points from the Puppy classes. We are very excited about the future of this beautiful young dog! Photo of Ch. Bravo's Breaking Hearts

Ch. Bravo's Breaking Hearts

Ch. Bravos Burlywood Bravada, HIC
CHIC #87020
Photo of Ch. Bravos Burlywood Bravada

Emma was acquired as a baby puppy from our good friend Michelle Altier. Beautifully line-bred on Michelle's wonderful Bravos Collies family, Emma is indeed a stunning combination of outstanding expression, head detail, correct structure and movement, along with a non-stop attitude! She came to us from Washington state and was bred by A.M. Altier, A. Lee & A. Erb.

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Emma flew her championship with 3-, 4- and 5-point specialty majors, a Best in Sweepstakes, two Best Puppy awards, three all-breed Best of Varieties, along with an exciting Herding Group 2nd to finish at just 11 months of age. Her first weekend out as a special brought her a Best of Breed at one of the west coast's largest collie specialty show weekends. She also earned her Herding Instinct Certification on goats at age 10 months.

Emma is sired by GCh. Aurealis Perfect Storm out of Ch. Bravos Lyca Dream at Zandria.
Photo of Ch. Bravos Burlywood Bravada

Ch. Bravos Burlywood Bravada, HIC

GCh. Burlywood Bright & Early, HIC
2007 - 2015
CHIC #76670
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Bright and Early

Named in honor of her maternal granddam, BISS Ch. Burlywood Brand New Day, HIC, this lovely girl excelled in outline and balance. "Michelle" was sired by Ch. Galatean Game Time, HIC, out of Burlywood Black Diamond.

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Michelle completed her championship with back-to-back wins at the Collie Club of Northern California specialty shows. She was Winners Bitch for a 4-point major to complete her title at the morning show. As a "move-up" and new champion, she was Best of Breed at the afternoon show to finish the day in style! All of Michelle's championship points were from the Bred By Exhibitor Class, earning her not only an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show, but the AKC Bred By Exhibitor Medallion as well. Her Grand Championship was earned over a course of only four weekends, including two specialty Best of Breeds, plus three specialty Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed awards.

A nimble herder, Michelle earned her Herding Instinct Certificate on sheep at age three.
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Bright & Early

GCh. Burlywood Bright & Early, HIC

GCh. Burlywood Bounce Back, HIC
DNA Profile #V294637; CHIC #75449
Photo of GCh. Burlywood Bounce Back

"Zoey" is sired by our Ch. Burlywood Bestseller, HIC, out of BISS Ch. Burlywood Breakaway, HIC. She has lovely head detail and expression, coupled with a hard-to-find correct front and shoulder structure. She is indeed one of our real favorites.

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Zoey won the 2004 Southern California Collie Club Futurity and completed her championship with all points except one earned from the Bred By Exhibitor Class, qualifying her for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show. Her show career has included six Best of Varieties from the classes, a 5-point major specialty Reserve, and a specialty Best of Winners award. Her Herding Instinct Certification (HIC) was earned as a youngster on sheep. Most recently, she finished her AKC Grand Championship as a veteran at age 10 with five majors.

Zoey's true love is babies and she considers all puppies to be her's whether they are actually born to her or not.
Photo of GCh. Burlywood Bounce Back

GCh. Burlywood Bounce Back, HIC

GChB. Burlywood Backgammon, HIC
DNA Profile No. V476939; CHIC #76669
Photo of GCh. Burlywood Backgammon

"Sonia" is by Ch. Galatean Game Time, HIC, ex Ch. Burlywood Bounce Back, HIC. She finished her championship with three major wins, including back-to-back 4-point Best of Winners at both October 2010 Southern California Collie Club specialty shows. An additional major was awarded by the iconic all-breed judge, Mrs. Jane Forsyth.

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Whelped in 2007, this girl has beautiful body angulation, a flying side-gait, exceptional length of neck, in addition to a well-fitting coat of proper texture.

Sonia earned her Herding Instinct Certification on goats as just a youngster, exhibiting her customary non-stop enthusiam!

Returning to the conformation ring after a three-year hiatus, Sonia earned her Grand Championship with nine big majors in just three weekends at the West's largest specialty clusters. As a veteran, she is now a multiple Best in Specialty Show winner and an all-breed Herding Group winner, ranking in the Top Ten (all systems) for the first half of 2016 while earning her Bronze level Grand Championship.
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Backgammon

GChB. Burlywood Backgammon, HIC

Ch. Burlywood Bestseller, HIC
2001 - 2011
OFA CO-2224G24, OFA CO-CA66/90M/P-VPI
DNA Profile No. V227248
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Bestseller

"Simon" was our youngest champion to date, finishing his title at just 12-1/2 months of age. Whelped in April 2001, his show record includes wins at the San Diego Collie Club, the Collie Club of Washington, and the Los Padres Collie Club specialty shows.

He was sired by Ch. Burlywood Billionaire, HT out of Ch. Burlywood Breeze Along, HIC.

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Simon excelled in beautiful expression, leanness and length of head, balance and movement. Like his sire and dam, Simon had a wonderfully sweet and playful temperament.

His first litter was whelped in July 2002 and he was the sire of Ch. Burlywood Bounce Back, HIC (above).

Photo of Ch. Burlywood Bestseller

Ch. Burlywood Bestseller, HIC
pictured at one year old

Ch. Burlywood Breakaway, HIC
1997 - 2011
OFA CO-1786E24, DNA Profile No. V227249
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Breakaway

Our web site "cover girl," "Steffi" finished her championship with two big 4-point majors, plus a 4-point and a 5-point specialty reserve. Later in her career, she became a multiple Specialty winner garnering seven Best of Breeds from the Veteran class before her retirement at age 11-1/2. She was the 21st champion offspring for her sire, Ch. Highcroft Oak Knolls Triton, ROM, owned by Highcroft Collies in Minnesota.

Steffi was the second champion daughter for her dam, Fury Freespirit of Burlywood, HIC.

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Steffi had a soft, beautifully sweet expression. She had dark, correctly-shaped eyes, along with lovely length of head. She had an excellent front assembly with a nice neck and flowing outline - and of course, a darling ladylike temperament to match her pretty face!

Photo of Ch. Burlywood Breakaway

Ch. Burlywood Breakaway, HIC

Ch. Burlywood Brand New Day, HIC
2000 - 2010
OFA CO-2241E41, DNA Profile No. V266640
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Brand New Day

"Kristi" was a littermate to Ch. Burlywood Billionaire. She began her career with specialty Best in Match and Best Puppy wins. She was pointed from the Puppy classes and earned her Herding Instinct Certification on sheep at 18 months of age.

She finished her championship in short order - winning an all-breed Best of Variety over specials for a 3-point major, then a 4-point specialty major at the Southern California Collie Club only six days later to finish. She was a specialty Best in Show winner and an all-breed Herding Group winner.

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Kristi had a beautiful profile and outline, plus a stellar show dog attitude. While relaxing in her pen at shows, she seemed just a plain brown dog. But once the leash was snapped onto her collar, she became a DIVA! She commanded attention and expected admiration from all. She loved the show ring and her charisma was undeniable. She was always our truly FUN girl!

Photo of Ch. Burlywood Brand New Day

Ch. Burlywood Brand New Day, HIC

Ch. Galatean Game Time, HIC
2004 - 2010
DNA Profile No. V374137; CHIC #75944
Photo of Ch. Galatean Game Time

"Benjy" finished his championship with four consecutive specialty wins, including both Utah Collie Club shows, the Los Padres Collie Club show, and the Sierra Nevada Collie Club show. These were followed by two back-to-back all-breed majors to complete his title at just 14 months of age.

We owe many thanks to Benjy's breeders, Rose and Mary Robischon of Galatean Collies, for sending us this lovely puppy from New York to start a new life in California.

Additional thanks to our good friend and talented handler, Jessica Wittman, for her flawless presentation of Benjy.

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Benjy was sired by Galatean "X" Marks The Spot (by Ch. Orion's Sundance) out of CCA Award of Merit winner Ch. Galatean Twice Upon A Time. Beautifully linebred, this dog had a gorgeous outline, lovely angulation, excellent coat quantity and texture, along with lots of neck! The "icing on the cake" was his picture-book markings and lovely smiling face.

After his retirement from the show ring, Benjy enjoyed the northern California "beach life" for the remainder of his days with his co-owners, M. & M. Ruddy.
Photo of Ch. Galatean Game Time

Ch. Galatean Game Time
pictured at one year old

Ch. Burlywood Billionaire, HT
2000 - 2009
DNA Profile No. V174714; CHIC #75448
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Billionaire

"Gates" was our sable dog who finished his AKC championship at 13-1/2 months of age, breeder/owner-handled. Whelped in January 2000, his show record included wins at the San Gabriel Valley Collie Club and the Los Padres Collie Club specialty shows. All of his points except one were earned under collie specialist judges.

He was sired by Ch. Fantasy Bravo's Dream Weaver out of Executive Edge of Burlywood, HIC - both of whom were sired by Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman ROM, the top-producing collie sire in the history of the breed. Not only was Gates beautifully line-bred, his pedigree was a collection of top specialty winners and ROM producers - both dogs and bitches.

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Gates posessed a number of attributes which we value highly, especially his full, rounded muzzle, nice finish of underjaw, lovely stop placement, soft expression, and beautiful arch and length of neck. He was balanced both moving and standing still and his temperament was simply delightful: playful and gentle.

Gates' first litters were born in April 2001 and his first champion, Ch. Burlywood Bestseller (above) finished one year later.
Winners Dog - Los Padres Collie Club

Winners Dog ~ Los Padres Collie Club
Judge: Mr. Chip Atkins

Ch. Burlywood Breeze Along, HIC
1998 - 2001
OFA CO-1950E24, DNA Profile No. V183938
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Breeze Along

"Rachelle" was sired by Ch. Executive's Gemstone Tycoon out of Fury Freespirit of Burlywood, HIC. Whelped in December 1998, her puppy career included winning both the Sierra Nevada Collie Club Sweepstakes and the Southern California Collie Club Futurity. She quickly earned 12 points from the Puppy classes under collie specialists and all-breed judges alike. After a year's absence from the show ring, Rachelle returned to win a 3-point major from the Bred By Exhibitor class at her next show, the Del Valle Dog Club (supported entry), to finish her AKC championship at 2 years of age.

View Rachelle's Pedigree
A feminine version of "Gates," Rachelle had all of his virtues and then some. She was truly an exceptional example of elegance and correct collie type - probably one of the most beautiful collies we ever bred.

Rachelle was the dam of Ch. Burlywood Bestseller (above).
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Breeze Along

Ch. Burlywood Breeze Along, HIC

Ch. Burlywood Ablaze o' Arrowhill, CD, HC, CGC, VC
1985 - 1998
"Bonnie" was from the first litter of our original foundation bitch, Arrowhill Blaven Skye, and she was also our first collie Champion. In addition to her conformation championship, Bonnie earned an assortment of other titles:

  • CD - Companion Dog obedience title from the American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • HC - Herding Instinct Certified from the American Working Association (AWCA)
  • CGC - Canine Good Citizen (passing a conduct test under AKC guidelines)
  • VC - Versatility Companion title (AWCA)

Bonnie will always be one of our most special collies!

View Bonnie's Pedigree

Photo of Ch. Burlywood Ablaze o'


Ch. Burlywood Aflame o' Arrowhill, HC
1986 - 1999
"Sarah" was the second Champion daughter of Arrowhill Blaven Skye from a repeat of the breeding which produced "Bonnie" (above).

Sarah completed her championship with two specialty majors - wins at both the South Bay Collie Fanciers and the Sacramento Valley Collie Club specialty shows. She also won several Best of Varieties, all-breed and specialty, as well as Herding Instinct Certification from the AWCA.
Photo of Ch. Burlywood Aflame
o' Arrowhill


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